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Honourable Raja Ishaq Asad (Sahib)‘The Soul Soother’

My Dearest Sir

بازیچہء اطفال ہے دنیا مرے آگے

ہوتا ہے شب و روز تماشا مرے آگے

Yes, this happened every day! …. Flying wild, far above the clouds and into the horizons in search of peace and truth, I would get dead tired the whole dusty, rusty, sunny day. And when I would see the gloomy purple twilight and the sky slowly pulling the black veil over its face, I would quickly swoop down towards the ground, looking for a cozy nest to rest and give my feathers a break and let my blood cool down and my eyes close for a nippy nap. I hovered over so many houses to decide where to land for peace. I suddenly saw a beam of light from a house piercing the darkness above, inviting me to land at the beacon-house of spiritual bliss. I comfortably alighted at the rooftop of House # S-9 Chand Bagh School where lives a soul soother, a spoon-feeder of love, a psychotherapist, social engineer, aesthetician, fine artist, singer, composer, painter, calligrapher, analyst, educationist, writer, cameraman, editor, photographer, a Muse and a computer wizard. This is Raja Ishaq Asad! (sahib)

Thank you so very much my dear Raja sahib. You nourished my decaying soul in Chand Bagh with your love, care and fine art. You irrigated my thirsty heart with your love-stream. Amid the buzz and barter of material, you dedicated your soul to a lost traveler who would have died thirsty in the thorny, parched pathways that led nowhere. You made me feel alive with your enchanting songs, your enthralling poetry, your refined sense of humour and your highly sophisticated manners.

I’ll never forget when I sat with you in your car, returning from the swimming pool, when a group of students walked right in front of your car, unaware that a car was approaching from behind them. You kept driving dead slow behind them for a long time so patiently, but you never horned. I looked at you in appreciation. You understood my look and told me that you didn’t feel civilized to toot horns inside the campus unnecessarily and at the students particularly. You rather prayed that may our new generation learn to be civilized. You amazed me! This is the difference between a mere teacher and an educator. Students need to be educated, not just to be taught subjects.    

I never found you fleecing people with backbiting or talking indecently about them. You always talked about ideas and situations. Having worked at almost all important positions at CBS, you still stand so humble and down to earth. Being Vice Principal must have been a painful job before being Controller of Examinations which requires great self-control because it’s a tough test of nerves. I wish I joined CBS in your Vice Principalship to work with an aesthete who would soothe the hearts and minds of his staff. Your music compositions and poetry both speak of your warm feelings for humanity. Your great school-song will keep echoing in the CBStians’ ears for ages to come. You are a teacher with a style and depth. It isn’t easy to be a poet in the language you teach and you have this fine plume in your proud cap. You hold great respect among your colleagues and your bosses who rightly consider you an asset for the institution. Your loyalty to CBS is greatly valuable. Chand Bagh must never lose you and all its senior teachers because the senior staff is its real strength. They are the ones who have fed CBS in its benign infancy with their sweat and blood.

Raja sahib, I’m scared of cigarettes, but I love to see one between your artistic fingers.

Your eyes glisten sharp and sparkle, looking even romantic behind the smoke-cloud when it makes a gray curtain in front of your face as you puff out through your Ruby lips. You are too too romantic in every way! Your fingers hold the cigarette so gently and harmlessly as if you don’t want it to scream with the press. Your face tells me, you feel so sad when you see the ash at the tip of the cigarette, as if your cigarette is losing life for you just as an artist sacrifices his for others. I won’t ask you to quit smoking because it’s a fuel for an artist’s mind-machine, I understand. However, I pray for your long, healthy life and happiness. Please, keep inspiring the world around you. The ordinary brains will always clash with your ideas. Just don’t heed their word. They are not important at all….. But you certainly are!!!

God bless you and your family with everything good. I will surely miss you and the MAC we just started.

Thank you so much for your love and care.


Yousaf Mir   

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