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khawb na ho to Title: KHAWB NA HO TO Poet:RAJA ISHAQ Composed & Sung by:RAJA ISHAQ


Reading Raja Ishaq is just like meeting him: one can feel his presence around whilst going through his poetry. He talks to his readers vividly, but softly. You can find a variety of shades and tones in his verses. He nostalgically remembers the bygone days and also laments over the loss of faith, love and peace we all are confronted with. Like an intellectual, though Raja Ishaq marks the illusions of the modern life, but also he kindles a hope for the revival of the trodden values. This way a spacious canvass for the display of thoughts can be perceived in his poetry: he skilfully connects the dejections of the present with the glories of the past. Not only that, there is also a strong bond between the reality and the utopia as he leaves behind a light for his readers. Over all, his poetry has a touch of universality as he depicts the inner longings and feelings of human heart which always remain the same, unaffected by time and place.

(Khalida Sarwar.Lecturer English.University of Punjab.Lahore)